Rose Toys FAQ

How far does the clit go inside?

sex tongue toy licking clit

Fun fact about the clitoris: while you can only see the very tip of it, it actually has a spongy shaft that stretches up to 5 inches inside your body!

How long can a clit extend?

The shaft of the internal clitoris, which can not be seen, extends about five inches into a woman’s body. The shaft divides into two “legs” called crura.

Does clit stimulation make it bigger?

An adult’s clitoris usually swells because of sexual excitement or arousal. During arousal, more blood flows to the genitals, and the clitoris can fill up and appear larger. A similar process occurs in the penis.

How deep is the hole where to insert the clit? Does it work for longer clits?

“Well endowed” here, lol. It works well. The opening is pretty wide and deep.

Does the rose toy actually suck or just vibrate?

Depending on the rose toy, the classic rose toy sucks and vibrates at the same time.

Does this toy have a warranty?

2 in 1 rose toy full body waterproof

Hello Dear, We do have an after-sale service, you can contact support.

Does it come with a remote control?

Different rose toys with a different set, this rose toy does not have a remote control.

What does the rose toy feel like?

Honey when I tell you that you need this toy, I mean just that! I’m 29 years old and I’ve never squirted in my life but WHEN I SAY THIS TOY MADE ME SQUIRT, IT MADE ME SQUIRT! It was so crazy that afterward, I couldn’t even look at the rose the same anymore after that ??‍♀️? like how could something this small do something to me that a man couldn’t do ? all I could do when I was done was curl up like a baby and go to sleep, I was that exhausted and all of this happened in under 3 minutes.

What is the rose from TikTok?

By and large, they’re simply gestures of appreciation that creators can give and get as they scroll. There’s an enormous list of gifts to choose from with a wide range of prices. A rose, for example, costs $1 to purchase from TikTok.

Who invented the rose toy?

The artistic talents of illustrator, inventor, and suffragist Rose Cecil O’Neill sparked a worldwide craze at the start of the 20th century when she turned one of her best-loved hand-drawn characters into a three-dimensional toy. This toy is none other than the instantly recognizable Kewpie doll.

the rose sex toy is invented by the rose toy US website.

Why won’t my rose toy turn on?

double sided rose toy less 40db

There are many situations for rose toys not working.

When did the rose toy come out?

It’s coming out in 2021, We are now offering a variety of different rose toys.

How do you know when your rose toy is charged?

When charging, the button of the rose-sucking vibrator will keep flashing. When the charging is completed, The button will stop flashing. adult toys attach great importance to battery quality and all use high-quality lithium batteries.

Is this rose toy alright for a virgin?

flower sex toy clitoris stimulation g-spot

Yes, you are a virgin is ok, you can use it.

Is virginity lost when a girl uses sex toys?

Nearly all people in the U.S. agree, however, that people who masturbate or have other kinds of sex play — including fingering or touching a sex partner’s genitals with their hands — are still virgins. There are still some people who think about virginity in a very old-fashioned kind of way.

No. not. If using a sex toy takes your virginity, then by the same definition, masturbating takes it too.

Virginity is far more than just ‘the hymen’ I mean, Look at men. Men have no ‘marker’ of virginity. The hymen is such a ridiculous ‘idea’ of determining virginity.

All the other answers here saying yes and no… are wrong enough to invite me to answer. Virginity is not an idea. Virginity is not a Physical thing like the Hymen.

The medical definition of virginity is “Has not had sexual contact with another being, meaning there is no risk of pregnancy or pathological issue from that avenue”

This does not cover if the toy was used by someone else first (Use condoms on your toys girls and boys!) but that is a completely separate indication medically.

Sex toys are a wonderful way for young people to explore themselves safely, and the stigmatization they have is only a detriment to society as a whole, leading to -unsafe- ways for teens to experiment. Masturbation, whether with your hand, fingers, a grapefruit, a sex toy… Should not be stigmatized. The whole idea of virginity presented by this question and by many of the answers here is ‘Religious’ virginity… the old school ‘The woman must stain her marital sheets with blood or she wasn’t pure, and should be stoned to death.’ Thing.

Is the rose toy packaging discreet?

Thanks so much, everything was packaged well and they were exactly as shown discreetly.

What kind of box does the Rose toy come in?

Yes, it comes in a very discrete box. The box looks like any other box.

How long does it take for the Rose toy to arrive?

butterfly rose toy IPX7 waterproof easy clean

8-12 business days

Most orders are processed and prepared for shipping in 1-2 business days. We ship all standard orders Monday–Thursday via UPS or USPS. Orders placed Friday-Sunday will ship the following Monday. 

Is the vibration loud & if it is how loud is it?

Well, the strength of the vibration determines how loud the sound will be. If the vibration is strong, it will be a loud sound. If the vibration is weak, it will be a soft sound. Sounds get softer the further away you are from the source of the sound because the vibrations lose strength as they travel through the air.

Does the rose toy suck the clitoris?


How to fix a rose toy?

Please check which part is broken off the rose toy, if the charger and USB cable is not working, you can change it individually, if the main part rose toy is not working, you can not fix it, please contact our support.

How to charge the rose toy?

Connect the socket and the USB cable, it is ready to start charging.

How to wash the rose toy?

Rinse the toy with water, or wipe the surface of the toy with a damp paper towel or washcloth to remove any surface debris. Then apply liquid soap directly to the toy and scrub, if you’re washing it in the sink, or wipe it again with a damp cloth and some liquid soap

How can I get the rose toy coupon?

You can sign up for our newsletter to get the coupon code, or you can send an email to the administrator to request the coupon code.

Is the Rose toy website official?

After some investigation, we found out that they placed an order on a website named Please be aware, this is not our website, our domain is, there is no hyphen in our domain. Many people were scammed by that website, and the following is the review from Trustpilot.

Is the Rose toy rechargeable?

The Rose Toy Waterproof Sucker Clitoral Sucking Vibrator Rechargeable Sex Toy.

What company makes the rose?

The rose isn’t manufactured by a single company or brand. It’s largely being purchased from “drop shippers,” who buy products wholesale and then sell them at a profit on their online storefronts.

Can you boil to clean sex toy?

Boiling. You can disinfect 100% silicone, stainless steel, and borosilicate glass toys by first surface-cleaning them, and then submerging them in a pot of boiling water for three minutes.

Can I bring this rosy toy on a plane

if you’re flying to your destination, you might stop to think, “Wait . . . can you bring sex toys on an airplane?” The short answer: yes. According to the TSA website, adult toys are allowed to be transported in both checked bags and carry-on bags.

Can you wash the rose toys?

“Your vibrator, ballgag, or butt plug at a minimum should be clean,” said Chase. “There shouldn’t be lube or body fluids left on it. If you are the only person using it, or it’s just you and a fluid-bonded partner, washing the toy with … soap and water are usually enough.

Is the rose toy rubber or latex?

Its made of silicone

Does the rose toy come fully charged?

50% battery life maybe.

Are the cheaper rose toy just as good as the original ones?

The cheaper ones are fake, we recommend you to buy a good quality rose toy.

What app should use for the rose toy?

This rose toy vibrator doesn’t need an app to use it.

I’ve never enjoyed oral sex and I don’t like dildos. Does this still work for clit stimuli?

YES, the sucking rose is especially for clit stimulation.

Does this really provide suction or is it just another disappointing vibrator?

It does provide suction, and 7 sucking modes to choose.

Does it come with a charger?

The rose vibrator comes with a USB charging cable, you can connect the toy to your phone charger or power bank for charging.

Why does mine not suck, it just vibrates?

If you just try it on your hand, you can hardly feel its sucking. Only by putting it in the right place can you experience its wonderful.

I heard a youtube review that it’s made of silica, not silicone. is this true?

Please be assured that the material of this product is 100% silicone. the physical properties of silica are relatively hard and silica is not suitable for use in adult products.

I’ve found a few cheaper ones from a 3rd party. can anyone tell me if they are the same or should I purchase the original?

Of course, you should buy rose toys from our professional official website, and should not go to some third party to buy, although there are third party shopping sites cheaper than us, we can not guarantee their quality, after all, the quality and price are generally proportional, especially this involves the issue of sexual well-being, do not go to some inferior sites because of the low price, some sites say very good, but their quality can not be guaranteed, more abominable is that some sites actually send the goods is not same as you have seen the picture.

What are rose toy charger instructions?

Most rose toys use USB charging, you just need to plug the USB cable into your computer or rechargeable battery, and you can start charging Rose Toy. Generally speaking, the output current is fixed for a computer or rechargeable battery type, which is appropriate for Rose Toy. If you have an iPhone or Android charging plug, you can also bring it to charge Rose Toy.

Is rose toy’s official site reliable?

Sure, we are reliable, and you can trust us, we have a 30-day money-back guarantee, and if you are not satisfied, you can contact our customer service support to return the product for a refund.

How to order a sex toy privately without anyone knowing it?

1. If we use our regular credit card or PayPal to pay, then once we have paid, we can delete the transaction and it will not show up again, even if someone checks our account, they can not find the transaction.

2. Talk to online merchants and ask them to use discreet packaging. Our official Rose Toy shop sends all sex toys in discreet packaging.

3. For complete privacy, register a new email address for sex toy purchases only and use this new email address to register with PayPal for payments. Go online and find someone to transfer money to this new PayPal so that there is no need to tie up a credit card and we can use the PayPal balance to buy sex toys.

Use Chrome, enable incognito mode, and don’t save your password, so the browser doesn’t save your internet history either. The new email is only known to you and the credit card has no transaction history, which is similar to using cash for offline transactions.

4. Use cash to buy from an offline shop, buy it, use discreet packaging and sneak it home and hide it.

5. Go to Amazon and buy it. Amazon purchases will be sent to you using a box that says Amazon on the outside and will not say what the product inside is.

How can I buy a sex toy without being awkward?

Call or text at the checkout, act busy, don’t make much eye contact with the cashier, don’t make small talk, read a book at the checkout counter, or look out the window.

Buy directly online without any communication and absolutely no awkwardness will occur. Even when you communicate with customer service, it’s all email communication. The people at sex toy shops are very professional and won’t embarrass you.

How can I discreetly travel with sex toys?

Put it in a transparent plastic bag and carry it with you so that when airport security sees the device, you say it is an electronic device with a battery capacity of less than 1,000 mAh, without exceeding the limit, and the security officer should quickly realize what it is and not touch it, which will be more hygienic.

How am I supposed to compete with her vibrator?

You don’t need to compete with the vibrator, you can make the vibrator part of your sex life, it can be used for foreplay use, but foreplay is enough for the real orgasm using your penis.

This way you are in control of when she can come.

Or you can use your tongue for oral sex and let her experience the sensation of riding on your mouth and being sucked off, experiencing her conquering you. This is a psychological sensation that a vibrator cannot bring.

How can I buy sex toys without my mom knowing?

Sex toy shops will generally not sell to you until you are of legal age, as they will check for age. However, there are some shops with lax checks, you can ask your friends for the address of these shops, then buy using cash so that there are no transaction records restricted to your bank card.

You can also use an online shop and use Chrome with incognito mode when purchasing. After the purchase, delete the transaction history, wait for the merchant to deliver the goods, keep an eye on the logistics status, and wait until the courier delivers and picks up the parcel in time for your mother to find out that it has been sent here.

How can I hide my sex toys from my family?

Locked in a bedside table drawer, in a shoe box, in the corner of a wardrobe, in a coat pocket, in a safe, in a food box.

How should I tell my Daughter I hear her vibrator?

If she is very young, then she can be approached to talk about the fact that having sex too early is not good for her health.

If she is an adult, then she needs to respect her privacy and dignity and not make her feel embarrassed. If the sound of the vibrator is too loud and makes you feel irritable and unable to rest properly. You can politely suggest to her, for example, “Sometimes I hear noise in your room, is the phone, computer, or radio a little too loud, can you make sure it’s not that loud?” She might think, “They might hear my vibrator, so I’ll put it down, you don’t have to say it directly.

What do you say when your parents find a vibrator?

You can talk to your parents about the benefits of sex toys and the health benefits of masturbation. Read some facts and the science of masturbation and tell them why masturbation is safe and helpful.

Masturbation helps fight inflammation and prevent cervicitis. Masturbation also has a stretching and training effect on the cervix and cervical mucosa, which helps promote the circulation of body fluids and acts as flushing and decontamination of the cervix.

It can prevent diabetes, can treat insomnia, prevent cancer, prevent depression, and lower blood pressure.

During masturbation, the body releases dopamine (a neurotransmitter associated with reward centers in the brain) and oxytocin (a neuropeptide associated with social bonding and attachment), which can give rise to positive emotions and help alleviate depressive states and last for at least 12 hours. In addition, sex also causes the body to release endorphins, which enhance resistance to pain and relieve various pains such as headaches and toothaches.

Is it normal for a 16-year-old girl to have a vibrator?

Try not to have a vibrator before you are a teenager. Premature sex can unlock the forbidden fruit too early, try to have sex too early, and if you keep pursuing sex, it can interfere with school.

How many women have sex toys?

According to statistics, 50% of women report that they masturbate with the help of sex toys, such as vibrators and dildos. 37% of women report that they often use vibrators with their partners during intercourse.

How are sex toys better than the real thing?

Are sex toys really better than the real thing? It depends on the individual and the situation at hand. If your partner can’t satisfy you every time, if he comes early when you’re about to come, or if his penis has gone soft and he can’t satisfy you. Then this time a sex toy but can be very good to meet you and let you experience the pleasure of orgasm.

If you don’t like too long intercourse and want the fight to be over in a few minutes, then a sex toy is perfect for you because you can control the speed and frequency of the toy and can control your emotions, so you can make yourself come very quickly.

If you just want to have pure physical pleasure, then a sex toy is one of the best companions, it will not have any complaints, no emotions and all do what you tell it to do.

Real sex requires maintaining a relationship, and relationships take a tremendous amount of time and effort to maintain and can be emotionally affected by fighting over small things.

Can sex toys make pregnant?

Only the union of sperm and ovum can lead to pregnancy.

And it has to be at the time of ovulation for a woman to ovulate. So only the sexual activity during ovulation has the probability of pregnancy and the sperm is expelled by the male, sex toys do not expel sperm. But if the sex toy contains male semen, then it may have sperm attached to it, and after this time it is inserted into the woman’s vagina, there is a chance of conception.

How often do you masturbate?

According to a 2019 survey, the average woman masturbates about seven times a month. According to a 2022 study, 28% of women masturbate two to three times a week and 30% of women masturbate once a week.

Will USPS require a signature for a sex toy bought online?

The USPS does not require a signature for small items, such as anything under $100. However, if the vendor must require a signature, then a signature is required, so it depends on where you buy it from and how much it costs. Generally speaking, however, sex toys do not have the new toy noted on the packaging, so there is no need to worry.